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Benefits Of Reduced Sugar Intake - All food should be taken in moderacy but this is more so for some classes of food than other. One of the food constituents whose intake must be watched is sugar. It is very important that we take deliberate steps to watch our sugar intake because it is contained in a lot of the things we consume daily.
7 Benefits Of Reduced Sugar Intake

We constantly, either knowingly or unknowingly, consume a large amount of sugar every day and this can pose serious health issues. Therefore, cutting down on the sugar content in our diet, as hard as it is, is unavoidable. Herein, we discuss different health benefits of drastically cutting down on sugar intake:

1. Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Sugar is not the enemy as the body does require a certain blood sugar level to function optimally. However, when this level is too high, a person is at great risk for certain diseases, one of which is Type II diabetes. Cutting down on sugar intake to the barest minimum is a good way to reduce the risk of contracting diabetes as excessive intake of sugar results in insulin resistance, a situation that leads to sugar build-up in the bloodstream.

2. Aids Weight Loss

Sugar has played a central role in the global increase in obese people. It brings along extra calories which get stored as fat in the body which leads to obesity and puts one at risk of heart diseases. As losing weight is imperative when obese, making better food selections that have low calorie and sugar contents will speed up the process.

3. Beautiful and Supple Skin

Unlimited consumption of refined sugar affects insulin production and causes enzymes to attach to the collagen by a process called glycation. This result in wrinkles, acne breakout, and saggy skin. Lowering your sugar intake slows the skin aging process down.

4. Keeps up your energy level

Added sugar is a from of simple carbs, gets digested fast and quickly enters the bloodstream. This gives you a quick energy boost after consumption. However, it is not a healthy choice as it does not last long, leaving you exhausted and irritated. Therefore maintain your natural energy level by limiting the intake of sugar.

5. Boosts Oral Health

Excess sugar intake, alongside poor oral hygiene, is a major contributor to tooth decay. It, therefore, goes without saying that limiting the consumption of sugar helps maintin good oral health and combat bad breath.

6. Boosts Sleep

Consumption of sugary food before going to bed keeps you from getting a sound sleep. This is because it gives you a quick shot of energy which you do not  nor have an outlet for. Cut down on sugar intake and see how much better you sleep.

7. Hampers The Growth Of UTis

Urinary Track Infections (Utis) are frequent troublemakers for many of the people. E.coli is the common bacteria that causes UTis and sugar is the best food that these bacteria love. So, limiting sugar intake will make it easier for you to hamper the groqth of bacteria.

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